The Finishing Touch To Your Kitchen Renovation

Renovating your kitchen can be both fun and frustrating, with many decisions to be made. Which flooring to install may be one of, if not the biggest, decision of all.


If your kitchen is the hub of the home it will be subjected to a lot of foot traffic. Wood, laminate and tile are typical kitchen flooring choices due to the ability to withstand the amount of foot traffic often present in a kitchen. A kitchen with an exterior door will add an additional wear element to the flooring. Though inside traffic will dirty your kitchen floor over time, people entering from outside will bring in additional dust and dirt. A durable and easy to clean flooring surface is advised when exterior doors are part of the kitchen layout.


Spills and breakages occur in even the most careful households. Your kitchen flooring choice should be durable to withstand typical kitchen accidents without incurring damage. Stain resistant flooring will ensure food spillages do not mar the beauty of your kitchen flooring. A dropped glass or plate will smash into many pieces, but should not cut or gouge floor’s surface. If you have dogs or young children, a highly polished flooring surface may not be a good fit, making flooring with texture that will provide grip for little feet a better option.


All flooring requires regular cleaning. Your choice of flooring should take into account the effort required to clean and maintain its ‘like new’ appearance. Some flooring requires constant care, while a daily mopping may suffice for others. Tile requires grout to be cleaned and sealed regularly. Though this is a job that can be undertaken by the homeowner, many elect to pay a professional to undertake this task.


Often the first consideration, appearance should be decided last. Choosing the colour and style can be enjoyable as you explore the options available. Samples can often be taken home so you can see how they each look when placed alongside your new cabinetry and appliances. Take an appropriate amount of time to choose a color and style that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come.